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Rapid Manufacturing on Demand

Within the automotive industry, the malfunction or failure of a component can lead to catastrophic consequences. As such, it essential to fully test and evaluate any new part or product to determine whether it performs as intended before it is available in the market. For these operations, prototypes are ideal.

At 3ERP, we have extensive experience prototyping and manufacturing automotive parts, including for leading automotive companies such as BMW, Bentley Motors, Lamborghini, and Land Rover. We utilize rapid prototyping techniques to produce high-performance physical prototypes designed and built to pass some of the most rigorous verification and testing procedures available.

Rapid Manufacturing on Demand

In the automotive industry, there is constant pressure to achieve higher performance standards, including those regarding fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, connectivity, and security. By employing rapid prototyping techniques, manufacturers experience the following advantages:

  • Shorter production times and lower production costs. One of the main benefits of rapid prototyping is how fast it is at bringing a product from initial concept to reality. Multiple product designs can be designed, tested, and evaluated in a shorter time period. Once a design is finalized, it can then proceed to production without the risk of needing costly modifications in the future.
  • Easier product innovation. Rapid prototyping enables industry professionals to create functional models of a new part design quickly. Compared to conventional manufacturing methods, which carry more extensive design constraints, it also allows for greater customization of products to meet unique specifications.
  • Greater supply chain transformation. Rapid prototyping changes how parts enter the supply chain. By using it to meet fluctuating market demand, industry professionals can reduce material utilization and waste generation, lower inventory costs, and support low to medium production runs.
  • Safer, cleaner, and lighter part designs. Rapid prototyping allows manufacturers to design and develop safer, cleaner, and lighter parts. As the process comes with shorter design-to-delivery times than alternative methods, they can compare more designs before deciding on which is most effective and efficient.

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

At 3ERP, we offer the following rapid prototyping capabilities for customers in the automotive industry:

  • For engine parts: aluminum machining
  • For interior lighting, exterior lights, and headlights: acrylic machining
  • For quick runs: injection molding and rapid tooling
  • For short-term trial productions: reaction injection molding (RIM)

Precision Auto Parts Produced Through Rapid Prototyping

We are capable of prototyping interior, exterior, and functional parts at our facilities.

Rapid Manufacturing on Demand

Within the medical industry, prototyping is a critical step in the time-, cost-, and labor-intensive process of launching a new product. The medical device prototyping process produces functional samples to exact design and material specifications for use in product testing and evaluation stages and business presentations. These samples enable manufacturers to verify the efficacy and manufacturability of the design and determine whether design changes are necessary before proceeding to large-scale production and market distribution.

Automotive Prototyping At 3ERP

At 3ERP, we provide automotive industry customers with rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions. Our expert team has the knowledge and skills to help bring new product concepts to life. For more information on our prototyping capabilities and how we serve the automotive industry, contact us or request a quote today.

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