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HPrapid On-demanding Manufacturing Service

At Huapin, we are dedicated to making the world’s best prototypes and precision parts for a wide range of industries, including: automotive, medical device, aerospace, consumer & commercial products. Our experience in rapid prototyping & short-run production & manufacturing, such as CNC prototyping, sheet metal prototyping and injection molding services enables us to make the most of both metal and plastic prototype for many different project types. Also, we provide mass production for your products with a super short turnaround, which helps launch your ideas fast. Find out what we can do for you!

Rapid Prototyping​

Contact Huapin for rapid prototyping service for your quick made of 1 to 1000+ parts. Using a range of manufacturing processes and finishing services you will have a prototype that will go beyond your expectations.

Benefits of Rapid Prototyping​

  • Fast processing: Prototype tooling offers quick results, so the transition between development and production is very short.
  • Customization: The rapid tooling process still allows for advanced customization of the mold.
  • Proof of concept/testing: Rapid prototyping facilitates practical real-world design testing and troubleshooting. It also enables quick and precise production of new tooling that implements design changes and improvements.
  • Speed to market: Fast production and accurate molds contribute to efficiency in production, ultimately sending products to the market faster.
  • Competitive pricing: The affordability of the rapid tooling process translates into a positive impact on the bottom line for our customers.

Short-Run Production/Manufacturing​

Contact Huapin for short-run manufacturing service if you need small quantities parts with quality input on design, mold optimization, piece price and fast delivery, or you want to bridge the gap between the prototyping stage and full-scale production.

Benefits of Short-Run Production/Manufacturing​

  • Allow for flexibility in customization and design changes, to test the market, and for cost savings.
  • Fast and short run process enables having your parts quickly.
  • Tools are ready to go if you need more. Save time every time.

Mass Production​

Due to our experienced project management team and rich rapid manufacturing experience, we can provide mass production service for your products, with high quality, on time delivery and good after-sale services.

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