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Customize Shoes for Lady Gaga

When rapid prototyping is mentioned, the first thing that pops up in our minds is always what it can do for industry. But rapid prototyping is also used for things we want in daily life. People are always looking for unique products to fit their own personal style. That’s why 3D printing services are becoming more and more popular, allowing everyone to get their own designs made for an affordable cost.

Here is an example of how rapid prototyping can bring your own individual style from imagination into reality.

This is a pair of shoes we did for Lady Gaga awhile ago. It is not just a concept model to review how it looks. It is also a pair proper shoes to wear in daily life. Our task is to make it safe & lightweight. Comparing with a few materials, our customer finally picked up polycarbonate. Instead of making it in solid block, we make it hollow with ribs. In order to make the thin heel strong, we place a titanium tube in the heel. Wrap the whole part with carbon fiber layers.

Compare with other prototyping providers, our project managers are experienced enough to combine various manufacturing technologies, provide valuable suggestion for different project types. To ensure you get your parts made fast with better price.

Project Details

The main body of each shoe is made by CNC milling in PC (lightweight polycarbonate plastic), and wrap with carbon fiber to ensure strength.

The tip of the heel is made by CNC turning in stainless steel.

The golden men are made by SLS (selective laser sintering) in PA (polyamide), with a chrome sputtering finish.

Our customer finished the shoes with leather and then attached the golden men.


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